Our team

Our team

One of our business priorities is investing in human resources. We believe that quality people, well educated, motivated and with good technical support and logistics are the biggest strength of our company. The team, which manages the whole system, functions impeccably. Due to all this, our investment in education, equipment, professional development and other forms of employee promotion is one of the key factors in our business success.

Stanislava Iljić PerekManager
Dalibor MilovanovićFinance
Ranko JovanovićCommercial
Gordana LazarevićHead Accountant
Mila BričićAdministration

+387 54 859 001


Jovica JankovićCommercial

+387 54 861 260


Vesna PrelićAccounting

+387 54 859 001


Đorđe MarjanovićCommercial

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Let us know if you have suggestions, remarks or tips on improving our business relationships, principles and values. Everybody is welcome, because we constantly listen to the needs of the market and look for ways to satisfy them in the highest quality possible way.

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